We Stand On The Shoulders Of Giants

Think about it.  How much had to be overcome so we could live this life?

Miles travelled, hearts broken, songs sung, messages relayed, battles fought, wars won, lives lost.  

Mothers, fathers, grandparents, sisters, brothers, friends, partners, teachers.  Ancestors, and those who inspired them.

The beloved artists who create the works that move us to the core.  The singers who give life to the songs that become the soundtracks of our lives, permanently bonding us to places, times, feelings.  The warriors who fought for the rights we now enjoy and too often take for granted.

My single mother, who quit school to care for me.  Who fed me healthy fresh food and didn’t let me watch too much TV.  Who at times spent her last few dollars on riding lessons for me, because what she really couldn’t afford was too see her daughter’s dream die.  I definitely stand on her shoulders.

As Chuck D reminded me tonight, “You maybe 18, but to an 8 year old you are an OG.”  Know yourself.  Know your worth.  Share your wisdom.  Listen.  You may not always feel like you have a lot to offer the world, but the thing is, nobody in the world has what you have.  And it’s your duty to share!  You too, could be the shoulders someone else is standing on at this very moment!

Who’s Shoulders Do You Stand On?

Think about these people.  When you get stuck in your shit, think about these people.  Think about everything they did so you could live this life.  Cleanse your spirit in gratitude for their struggle, and go out there and shine your light on the world.

Love and Respect,

Ry Toast